I am the only American attending the University of Incheon for the Fall 2012 semester.

There are mostly Spaniards here, along with other Europeans mostly from Germany. There are about 25 Chinese students here too, or so I've been told. Learning that I'm the only U.S. student in Incheon did make me feel lonely, but I'm trying to work over that right now.

I like my buddy Myengsoo. He's trying to show me everything I need to know to survive here, and he's trying to show me places where I can go where there will be people who can better understand me and my needs.

I registered for classes yesterday, and since they begin on Monday, then I'm a little anxious about it. All of this excitement has made me forget that this is my last Fall ever as an Undergraduate student ever, especially since I'm a senior. Clearly, I want to finish off strong here.

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