The food here is okay but it's very spicy. Find you a good place that offers a good soup with meat, then add you some rice, and you've got yourself a good meal. They have many side-dishes that come with what you order, all for like about $3.00 U.S. dollars, so you get your money's worth. It's like I said though: Beware of spicy food.

I've tried Kimchi, which tasted more like a spicy cabbage that was a bit tough to eat. It wasn't bad, Mr. Bolt. I'll admit, though, that there are several kinds of Kimchi that I've never tried.

There's a lot of seaweed here, too. I haven't seen much fruit over here yet, either.
I'm still in the adjustment phase though. Until my next post.

Goodnight America.

Good morning to me :)

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