So, I arrived in S. Korea (Incheon) yesterday on Wednesday, August 23rd. The flight was about 14 hours long and 10 minutes. It wouldn't have been such a bad flight if the seats didn't make me so stiff and the food a bit sick. Yet, I arrived at the airport and waited about 30 minutes for my luggage. Then, I got to see Myengsoo and his mother, both of whom were waiting right at the airport for me. They were really nice to me and took care of my luggage and all.

It took us an hour to reach the part of Incheon that we needed to reach. Incheon is a sprawling city with many tall buidlings seemingly almost everywhere, yet oddly enough, it rarely has traffic jams, unlike Seoul. Incheon is more where people live and it seems to be a city heavily dependent on the services industry for employment.  Economic development is here but not to the point where the city is massive and the streets overly-bustling.

Incheon University is huge. At lander, we devote about one floor to each college. Over here, it's one extremely tall building per each college. They have a total of about 13 colleges ranging from the social sciences, to Engineering, and etc. The campus is huge but it's numbered well.

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