lotte World is an amusement park that is pretty amazing. So, you take the Line 2 subway station, until you get to Jamsil. Exit at Jamsil and take Exit 3 to Lotte World, you can't miss the signs. When you're walking throughout the subway station to get to the outside park itself, you can't help but notice what other Lotte department stores, restaurants, or just stores unto themselves that are in the vicinity. It's nearing Christmas so everything is well lit and simply beautiful. You walk for about 5 to 10 minutes and then you see the outside park. Don't make the mistake like I did and go on a weekend (Saturday). You will wait in lines forever; yes, there are even longer lines in the INDOOR Lotte Amusement park facility. Adults are charged 15, 500 KRW. Students, I think, get in free but I had no way to prove that I'm a student. Whatever. You get on the rides, enjoy the food and other shopping that you may do. It's really great! I felt like a child getting on the rides and I definitely plan to go back on a weekday to just be a big kid for a single day.  

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