This is South Korea during the fall. My home in South Carolina also has a beautiful fall season but not quite as picturesque as this. This park is the park you see before one enters Lotte World, the OUTDOOR amusement park. Fall in S. Korea (starting in November) is very cold to the point that it's chilly due to powerful winds. If you get a good scarf, some earmuffs (or a hat will do) that covers your ears, and some gloves, you'll survive. Also, layer your clothes. I find that I can't do much sight-seeing in November because the weather is mostly over-cast, though some days the sun will come out only for it to rain again. It rains and rains and rains in Incheon. Coupled with the wind, it's not exactly pleasant. Since I live in Incheon next to the sea, we experience sharp, powerful winds that seem to freeze one's soul. Just to remind you, it's only November. When you do get sunny days in November, no matter the cold, go out and do some sight-seeing. It always makes me feel better.  

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