I only have 3 more days left in Korea and I'm using them to make sure that I say bye to everyone that I'm most going to miss. Leaving feels -- well, I'm honestly feeling too much to explain. I am so happy to be seeing my family and friends from home. Here, though, I've made so many friends from all around the world. I wonder what's the likelihood that I will see them again. I don't want to think like that but I've always been the kind of person who has to think about it all, not just the parts that I like thinking about.

Packing is going well, though it could be going better. I need to further condense. Yet, I'm ready to go. I have to make Monday and Sunday count. These are my last days to really say bye. I'm going to revisit my favorite places, take more pictures, and then rest for the Tuesday morning flight out of Korea.

I do plan to come back in 2014. I haven't shared this detail with my parents but they'll deal just fine. What I really want to do after graduation is work and travel. Maybe start in Asia (Japan) and work my way West. Only figuring out how to do this is tricky. 

2012 has been such a big year for me. It's been a great year. It's ending marks my last Fall semester ever as an undergraduate student and the ending of my Korean adventure. The future seems so...broad. Clearly, I'm scared but positive. I have plenty of pictures that I've taken of friends, the DMZ, palaces, food, etc. I hope it keeps this experience all the more alive for me when I'm back in the USA! 


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